Agios Georgios Early Christian Basilicas

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The early Christian Basilicas of Agios Georgios were brought to light in the early 1950s and date back to the 6th century.

They belong to the Agios Georgios settlement, a monumental site at Pegeia in the Pafos region in the west of Cyprus.

Located at the center of the settlement on the neck of the cape is the large three aisled Basilica A on the north side and a baptistery at the west. A smaller three - aisled basilica with a transept is annexed to the north side of the baptistery.

On the west lies the bishop’s residence “episkopeion”, a large two - storey house built in the Greco - Roman style.

To the northeast of the settlement are the remains of the small three - aisled Basilica C. The three - aisled Basilica B lies at the foot of the southern slope of the cape.

Address: Pegeia, Pafos
Operating Period: All year round

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