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History Museum, which refers to the EOKA Struggle 1955-59. Includes clothing, original letters and diaries of fighters, representations hideouts, an authentic gallows, weapons, photographs, transportation and other memorabilia of the National Liberation Struggle 1955-1959.

An area that is the duty of every Greek and not only to visit and pay tribute and appreciation are the Museum of Struggle 1955-1959.

So our Museum has a special significance, since the Fight 1955-59, of the EOKA struggle against the British imperialists, and the occasion was emulated other peoples to fight and win their freedom.

The Museum is housed in a traditional building right next to the Archdiocese. The indoor space will impress the visitor after the modern style, the functionality and accessibility of the approaching perfect. The Museum displays the original objects of struggle as guns, bombs, documents, rich photographs, calendars of our heroes and much more. Also representations of hideouts with rebels in these cells and the death row inmates and awe. But the most striking object exhibited in the original gallows they so unjustly took her life nine stalwart between the student and the hero Evagoras Pallikarides . The photos of all the fallen race , also adorn the Museum symbol of the struggle and pride.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 02:00 pm and Thursday: 3:00 pm-05: 30m.m. From July to August afternoons the museum is closed.
ADDRESS: Square Arch Kyprianou, Archbishopric area, Nicosia
PHONE: 22305878

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