Geroskipou Folk Art Museum

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The name of Geroskipou village comes from the Greek phrase "Ieros Kipos" the sacred garden of Aphrodite.

It exhibits a rich collection of folk art and crafts portraying village life in years gone by, including the rural crafts of pottery, scarf making, rug weaving and rope making, as well as the manufacture of silk for which Cyprus was famous.

It is housed in the18th century Hadji - Smith house, once the most impressive building in the area.

The owner Andreas Zimboulaki was appointed British consul by the British Admiral Sir Sydney Smith, and the house was nicknamed ‘the Smith’s house’ because he visited it regularly.

Tel: +357 26 306 216

Address: Geroskipou, Pafos
Operating Hours: Daily: 08:30 - 16:00
Operating Period: All year round
Entrance Fee: 1,70 Euro

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