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The Museum of Kykkos Monastery houses an important collection of Christian and other exhibits.

The site of the museum, which is part of the Monastery, is richly decorated to express the glory and majesty of the Byzantine Empire, as was the vision of its creators.

In the museum there are rare exhibits from the time of the founding of the monastery by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komninos (1081-1118).

Among the exhibits of the museum are also objects from the ancient times (amphorae, porcelain, etc.), objects from the early Christian and Byzantine years, various icons, frescoes and woodcarvings as well as rarely manuscripts and books.

The whole atmosphere of the exhibition space, with rich materials, the proper lighting, the Byzantine musical background, as well as the unique extraordinary objects, help the visitor to move mentally into old times.

Tel: +357 22 942 736

Address: Kykkos, Troodos
Operating Hours: Daily: November - May: 10:00 - 16:00, June - October: 10:00 - 18:00
Operating Period: All year round
Entrance Fee: 5 Euro per person, 3 Euro for groups

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