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The trail starts from the forest, passes along the river and cypresses through clusters with juniper and ends at Germasogeia dam.

You can enjoy the beautiful view from the path of Germasogeia dam and the city of Limassol. Linked to the path of Germasogeia dam. There are two route options from which you can choose: one is circular with length 3,7km while the second is linear with 11km long and ends at the fence Germasogeia.
The dam of Germasogeia, an interesting sight during your trip. It is constructed on the northern boundary of Yermasoyia Municipality located approximately 4km from the coastal area on the river unlearned.
It was built in 1968 on land belonging to Yermasoyia Municipality, and the Communities and Akrountas Foinikaria to support agricultural activity and water supply systems in the region.
The dam is an earth-type and has a height of 49 meters.
The water saving basin has an area of ​​110 hectares with a storage capacity of 13.5 million. Cubic meters of water.
The long presence of water in the dam basin created a new environment, but also provided the opportunity to create activities based on water turning this artificial work in one of the major environmental lungs of the wider region, but healthy space-time and sports activities.
Thanks to the presence of water:
The perimeter of the dam created an aquatic environment with rich flora that gives you the chance and especially during the winter and spring to enjoy your walk.
The dam is the temporary residence of many waterfowl that winter travel from the icy Europe to the warm south.
It grows a large number of fish, giving the opportunity to love fishing to engage in their favorite sport.
Created the conditions for the development of the sport of canoeing, as in this train nearly all relevant sections of Naval Clubs of Cyprus are the Pancyprian and International Games.
In addition to the visitor the opportunity to visit residues Medieval watermills, the ancient church of St. Luke located in the northern part of the basin of the dam and enjoy coffee and tranquility of the small village of Foinikaria located in the northeastern part of the dam in the village of Akrountas located in the northwestern part of the dam with the famous oranges and tangerines.
Start point: About 3km from the main road Pareklisia
Ends at lock Germasogeia.
Length: Two routes
• The first is circular with 3,7km long.
• The second leads to the dam of Germasogeia with a total length of 11km.
Time estimate:
First path 1.5h.
Second path 3 to 3.5 hours.
Difficulty: First path: 2
Very downhill at first.
Second path: 3
Very downhill at first.
A truly beautiful, peaceful setting with a bunch of cypresses to encircle a feeling that you are in the movie scene. If you seek tranquility and peace that you miss during the day and you like walking in nature this place is ideal for you.
Format: Linear.
ADDRESS: Region fence Yermasoyia, Limassol


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