Agios Georgios - Dasovotanikos Garden Natural Trail

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The trail will walk you through the Athalassa park with rich vegetation of pine and eucalyptus. It is ideal to enjoy a walk among the trees and the nature and, at the same time, it is close to the city offering all the facilities you will need very close.

You will also find the multiple stops very interesting, such as Athalassa's dam, the Dasovotanikos 
garden and the forest nursery. You will find the nursery open from Monday - Friday, from 07: 30a.m. until 14: 30p.m.
Know also that the Dasovotanikos garden of Athalassa is part of the National Forest Park. It is located southeast of the forest nursery, and the area is almost flat and reaches about 4.5 hectares.

The altitude stands at 170m and the average annual rainfall at 308mm. The maximum and minimum average temperature is respectively 35.3 and 3.2 degrees Celsius.

It includes a wide range of plant species that can be enjoyed and studied, both domestic and of foreign vegetation.
Starting point: Point on the south side of the dam St. George with access from the street Aglantzia - Geri and Av. Kyrenia near the junction with the road Aglantzia - Geri.
Trail length: 2,5 km
Considerable time: 45 minutes
Degree of difficulty: 1
Format: Linear.

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