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The forest trail passes through a forest of pine and golden oak trees characteristic of the area. It is linked to other trails in the area and in particular with the Doxa si o Theos - Madari and Moutti Country - Selladi Karamanlis. In the beginning the site "Thank God" there is a fountain with drinking water. It is relatively flat with no particular difficulty.
Near the starting point of the trail is the beautiful village of Kyperounta:
Located in the Troodos mountain range, in the Pitsillos in Limassol region, Kyperounta an altitude of about 1,300 meters above sea level. It is 45 km from Limassol and guests can reach the village following the road B8 (from circular Polemidia node), then the roads E801, E809 and finally the road F946.
In this village with dense foliage will impress maintaining its traditional character. A special feature of the village are steep uphill roads, vineyards, small picturesque courtyards, the high ceilings barns and houses with tiles and the picturesque attics. All these make up the charming village character.
The village was founded during the byzantine period and was named by the type of wood "Cyprus" or "tiger nut", which abounds in the area.
Among the attractions of the village you can enjoy is the church of Agia Marina, which dates after the 18th century, as well as three museums: Natural History, People Folk Art and the National Liberation Struggle.
Other interesting places you can visit is the winery Kyperounta and Action Park, and there are two wonderful nature trails the (said) "Thank God" and "Teisia Madari".
Do not waste time, then, and put it directly in your tour plans!
Starting point: (a) The site "Thank God", located 2 Km from Kyperounta (Sanatorium) and 5 Km from Spilia on the road Kyperounta - Caves. (B) The location "Moutti Country", 1 Km from Spilia village towards Agia Eirini / Kannavia and to Kyperounta.
Trail length: 1,8 Km
Considerable time: 0.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: 1
Format: Linear
ADDRESS: Madari Area


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