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The trail offers exceptional views of the Troodos Mountains, Morfou Bay and the valley of Mesaoria.
Mesaoria is the highest valley of Cyprus, between the mountains Troodos and Pentadaktylos. Its name in case you did not know, means "area between mountains". In this valley King Onisilos of Famagusta gave his last battle and defeated the Persian army during the Ionian Revolt.
Mesaoria has a width of about 65 km and a length of about 35 kilometers and the two largest rivers of Cyprus Pediaios and Gialias run through it. Today the valley is located in the occupied territories of Cyprus republic. However, until the Turkish invasion in 1974, it was considered the breadbasket of Cyprus, since it offered the majority of cultivated wheat and barley.
Geologically the valley of Mesaoria composed of calcareous sandstone, fossiliferous marl and gravel deposits. You should also know that 120,000 years before, the area used to be a sea and over the years with the silting of Troodos and Pentadaktylos created today's valley.
As we move on, the route of the trail passes you through the forest and at some point later, around the middle, the scenery changes and is enriched with beautiful junipers. The trail connects with other trails and paths specifically Madari-Doxa si o Theos, Teisia Madari, Moutti Country -Selladi Karamanlis and Selladi Karamanlis - Kannavia. Through 2 km of paved road, it is also connected with the Lagoudera - Agros trail. Access to the starting point you can get via vehicle from the road Beads - Polystypos. The last 800m of the access road is very bumpy and steep road so I recommend you proceed with great care!
Starting point: Point near Madari fire lookout station
Trail length: 3,5 km
Considerable time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: 3 (hard downhill)
Format: Linear


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