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This trail offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and it is rich in flora and fauna. It connects to Machairas paths - Lazanias and Fikardou - "Archontides".
You know the village Lazanias?
Where is it
You can go either through Kalo Chorio Mountain, taking the road to Palaichori or through Machairas. Arriving at the monastery you will see the village in the background, with the route from there to no more than ten minutes.
What to see & what to do
The house of Mrs. Maria Georgiou which originates from Palaichori but resides in Lazanias the last 53 years. Although she is alone in the village, she is not lonely, because she receives such support from the people who pass from there and stop for a chat and some coffee. The only difficulty she faces has to do with the basic necessities. Fortunately, everyone that comes to the village call her and ask if she needs something. "First and best Phryne (en Papadopoulou)". The reason for the well-known journalist and news anchor in RIK, who just loves the village, hence created the 'Initiative Movement and Solidarity Lazanias', trying various events to highlight the beauty and significance of this place -More information and photos are on the homonymous page on Facebook.
Lazanias is really beautiful. All houses are brick with tile roofs (as in Fikardou), while some of them, indeed, have been restored after the often return of expatriates in Lazanias. Especially on Sundays, the village changed form. The feeling that you have while walking the cobbled streets, is unprecedented. It feels as if you are in the Cyprus of 1900. The same feeling occures when opening the door of Mrs Maria's home. The only thing to restore the reality is actually the large LCD TV in the living room of the house!
Fresh air, cool in summer and coffee from the hands of Mrs. Mary. What else do you want to be convinced to visit the beautiful village?
The village does not have many things to do beyond tangible experience with the Cyprus of yesterday, unless it is a Sunday, when the 'Magic Lazanias' restaurant opens . You can also go to Machairas pilgrimage, but also in the nearby village's Fikardou museum.
Where to eat
On Sundays you will find ofto kleftiko and meze at 'Magic' (96530129), while on weekdays you can go to the 'Giannakos' (22633311) on Fikardou for other dishes such as ribs, steak, halloumi cheese, sausage, stuffed zucchini Anthous etc.
Great grace of
On the way to Lazanias, you pass from the Great Mountain Village. Just before you reach the village and after the great camp of the clergy you will see on your right the Ais Ambelis winery. A stop here is a must. Browse the site to see the vineyards, the wine cellar with oak barrels where the famous Maratheftiko 'Homer' is aged, to try the rich aromas of rose and the refreshing white!

What are you waiting for?
Start Point: 200 meters from the village Lazanias
End: Fikardou
Estimated Duration: 45 minutes
Difficulty Rate: Category 2: Average degree of difficulty, with a particular terrain, such as sudden changes in gradient (uphill and / or downhill), course along narrow and / or steep terrain.
Trip Length: 2 km


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