Panagia Chrysospiliotissa Church

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The cave church of Our Lady of the Golden Cave on the outskirts of Lefkosia (Nicosia) on the road to Dheftera is a picturesque example of a type of Levantine monastery or hermitage uncommon in Cyprus but typical of ancient Levantine Christianity. It consists of a natural sandstone cave enlarged to form an apse, nave, narthex and vestries, lovingly tended by women from the village.

It was once completely decorated, but all the plaster has fallen away except in the sanctuary and even that has been defaced. The church houses a rain - inducingicon of the Virgin, invoked in times of drought. A religious fair is held near the church on August 15th, name day of Panagia.

Address: Deftera, Lefkosia
Operating Period: All year round


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