Koumandaria Wine Route

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A trip that takes you back in time, to the secrets of the island's most ancient and famous wine, the world famous Koumandaria.

The route through fourteen Koumandaria villages goes back to 1192 AD when the knights of St. John were perfecting the production of what was perhaps, the first wine in the wolrd identified by its name. Koumandaria!

The sun, acting as a valuable ally partly dries the harvested grapes, condensing their natural sweet flavours and enriching their taste. Cooperative wineries of the region, operating within an internationally accepted and protected zone, are worth a visit. Once in the area, don't forget to visit the refurbished wine press of Laneia, which has been kept alive throughout the centuries, a reminder of the land's glorious past in winemaking.

A popular site is also the medieval castle of Kolossi, once the commanding base of the knights of Saint John.

Start Point: Kolossi
End Point: Agia Fyla

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