Columbia Beach

Columbia Beach Bar opened its doors to the public the summer of 2017 with a bang, it is the go to place for events and even an afternoon drink.

Though the term beach bar creates inferences of a summer spot, a place that can keep its buzz going all throughout the winter is a place that is doing it right.

Columbia Beach Bar is unlike some beach bars, it is not a laid-back or chill place that brings in marine splashes of décor to commemorate the theme. It is a touch of luxury and elegance right by the sea side.

Decorated with a warm, neutral pallet, a splash of warmth and colour is provided by the beautiful surrounding trees that frame it and the colour scheme of the lighting. The imposing pool in the middle, the main draw during the summer months, is a nice complement even in winter. The fact that all this is coupled with mesmerising sea views make it an experience like no other.

Columbia is the prime spot for a drink after work these days, it allows you to kick back and enjoy Cyprus in all its glory and feel the luxury surround you. The place has a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, ranging from the simplest to the delicious signature cocktails.

Overall, Columbia has great service, great location and is a great bar – it is a place that should be visited all year round. It also has a large dinner menu, and has started generating buzz as one of the new go-to brunching spots in Limassol. So whether it is for a relaxing drink, or a brunching adventure, summer or winter, Columbia should be on your list to visit.

Visit it during the whole week from 9:00-02:00.

Telephone: 25321500
Διεύθυνση: 6 Promachon Eleftheria str., Ayios Athanasios, Limassol
Facebook: Columbia Beach

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