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A perfectly decorated space, with comfortable sofas, large central bar and a small bar, is the only floating venue in Limassol Marina overlooking the sea and the yacht.

Marina Breeze Lounge Bar is the perfect destination for any time of the day and night. Starting after breakfast with aromatic coffee, refreshing smoothies and fresh juices, it continues until late providing quality entertainment, with an international cuisine menu and theme nights.

After work you can enjoy unique signature cocktails by experienced mixologists and combine them with platters. In a specially designed VIP area, you can enjoy private or corporate parties with the help and guidance of specialized personnel.

Marina Breeze Lounge Bar brings a new concept to the heart of Limassol Marina.

Signature cocktails, platters to share, selections from an international menu accompanied with music vibes by a resident DJ and thematic nights for entertainment are the main aspects of the new Lounge Bar.

Open daily, including weekends, from 10:00 to 02:30 Marina Breeze Lounge Bar aims to become the new ultimate experience by Breeze Group at Limassol Marina. 

Telephone: 25051230
Address: Marina Limassol
Facebook: Marina Breeze LoungeBar

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