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Those summer nights are calling: there’s nothing better than a group of friends, a tempting selection of fresh cocktails, the endless blue sea and its majestic horizon! This new addition to the night life of Limassol promises to make the difference by offering all of the above. The brand new Marina Roof Bar is this year’s ultimate summer destination.

As revealed by its name, this is all about the new Limassol Marina Roof Bar, located on top of TGI Fridays. It suggests a unique menu featuring magnificent cocktails, mouthwatering evening starters, local and international summer wines, all served overlooking the unique seaview of Limassol Marina.

This impressive bar also boasts about its astonishing design, since the sky above the bar and the VIP area is dressed in white, wavy fabrics, reminding its visitors of the sea waves. The funky music played by DJs on the decks, combined with the idyllic lighting design of the bar, enhance its special atmosphere, making your summer night out undeniably blissful.

The Marina Roof Bar is open from 20:00 until 02:00.

Telephone: 25051500
Address: Marina Limassol
Facebook: Marina Roof Bar

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