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Maqam Al-Sultan represents a culture.

Lebanese cuisine epitomizes the best of the Mediterranean diet. The heart-healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, grains, herbs and spices, lamb, beef, fish, poultry, yogurt and olive oil make a meal replete with robust earthy flavours.

"Maqam Al-Sultan" immensely love, enjoy, respect and appreciate good food. The Lebanese chefs cook the way their Mama cooks at home.

When you want something different and need to feel at home, when you fancy a real meal, a beer, a cup of coffee, to smoke a Nargileh or when you're in the mood to entertain yourself, your friends and loved ones, do drop by, you are always more than welcome.

The restaurant is open whole week 11:00- 23:00. 

Contact information:
Telephone: 24400665 
Address: 7 Ankaras str., Larnaca
Facebook: Maqam Al Sultan

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