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The chic and modern dimension of Japanese cuisine from the international chain of restaurants.

Akakiko Limassol is located in the beautiful and exquisite five-star The Royal Apollonia Hotel in Limassol.

Special emphasis is placed on sushi, but you also have to try out the incredible combinations of Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese food.

The restaurant's fantastic menu includes, for starters glorious appetizers, a huge range of delicious sushi, sashimi, temaki and maki, fancy and delicious salads and fresh seafood dishes (eg fried shrimps with noodles).

Also special, fine soups as well as meat dishes are served, such as the delicious Yaki Soba which is noodles with chicken breast, vegetables and Tonkatsu.

At Akakiko you enjoy top quality of food, that at the same time travels you to a fantastic gastronomic Asian experience.

It is open all week from 12:00 noon until 23:00 at night.

Telephone: 77778022
Address: “The Royal Apollonia” Hotel, Georgiou A, Limassol
FacebookAkakiko Limassol

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