The Whisk

The inspirer behind the new cute little shop that opened its doors at the street behind the TEPAC Library in downtown Limassol, is Antonis Kyriakou and his story began about two years ago when he realized his degree in political science was not what would ultimately make him happy.

His passion for small sweet creations was obvious from the time he first began experimenting in his mother's kitchen, making old fashion cakes and sweets, similar to those made by our grandmothers and mothers, a long time ago.

"I wanted to make sweets that look and are homemade, with pure ingredients and full of flavor, different from the standard market’s sweets. From the first time, the smiles of my relatives and friends was my reward and confirmation that I had to do it".

This is how Antonis' trip to England began, where he worked at Kat onditor & Cook, one of the capital's top bakeries!

With his return to Cyprus, he opened the new patisserie "The Whisk" with its playful, French aesthetics and vibrant colors.

Do not hesitate to ask Antonis to offer you one of his fresh homemade macaroons or a homemade cereal bar.

If you are interested in custom cakes and cupcakes, make your order early, since at The Whisk everything is made based on orders and there is no stock.

And if you do not know what to choose first, you can start by trying the incredibly tasty Nutty Praline Cake or the seducing Chocolate Toffee Cake.

Telephone: 99821373
Address: 14 Irakli Aggelidi str., Limassol
Facebook: The Whisk

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