How is an old workshop connected with a chic restaurant, where the vintage décor elements are in total balance with the modern?

This is what is going on at D.O.T. (Dinner Over Time). From being an old workshop it was transformed into one of the capital's most fancy dining venues! The whole history of the place is combined with its new concept and cuisine.

Right after the Famagusta Gate, in a corner, you will see this place immediately. The original elements are being saved as part of its vintage charm.

Through the large glass windows you will see inside the cement ceiling, the elaborate antique buffets and the garments that remind you of grandmother's home and complement the corners of the shop.

The huge lighter design above the bar will impress you, while the hydrangeas in their big vase are the "green" detail we love in the central spot.

Sitting in the beautiful industrial atmosphere will enchant you, the urban and vintage chairs will make you fall in love and you will enjoy delicious value for money dishes prepared for you by the chef Komninos Kouisseras, such as meatballs with rise and herbs or chorizo combined with eggplant slices and fresh tomato. 

Here you will find lamb cooked in greaves with mint, garlic and green beans, and the marinated salmon maple salad with mustard and soy with basmati rice and soybean.

And don’t forget about dessert! You have to try Apple Crumble with toffee and cinnamon, or cheescake and you will not regret it!

Address: 6 Athinas str., Nicosia
Telephone: 22101228

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