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Limoncello is situated inside the revivified municipal market – what a clever idea to locate a restaurant in a fresh fruit and veg emporium.

Well spaced, traditional wooden tables and chairs, some located under giant umbrellas, spread across the footway. There is a sensible separation between the drinkers and the diners – Limoncello is very big on wines and beers, with over 80 of the former, mostly Hellenic, on offer, with a good smattering of foreigners.

The menu is divided into eight sections: The Bites; Piadina (Italian flat bread); Salads; Steaks; Burgers; Fish; Birds and Pizza.

On the Bite-Side are three very attractive offers: a Polenta basket containing spinach-gorgonzola stuffing drizzled with truffle oil; chicken liver pate served with home-made crostini and onion compote; and crab boats, an English crab salad spread on Chinese lettuce cups served with guacamole.

The salads which are on the large side list contains five very imaginative offerings, two catch the eye, namely Chevre, made up of soft goat’s cheese, beetroot, green apple, toasted pumpkin seeds and lettuce; Gorgonzola, containing cheese, caramelised pears, walnuts and fresh market greens.

The steak section is the centerpiece of the menu, and not only contains a warning about undercooked meat, but a request to be informed of any food allergies that guests may have. How very sensible. The list mentions three dishes: The Scotch, The Brazilian and The Philadelphian. All the meat is imported Aberdeen Angus. The Scotch and Philadelphian are Rib-Eyes served off the bone with coleslaw and fried potatoes; and the Brazilian is Top-Rump. The Philly is the classic American cheesesteak served medium-well done. 

The main courses are very interesting; the fish packed with flavour and presented with a fresh pesto salad; the steak, memorable. Similarly the sweets, absolutely delicious and enormous.

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday 12:45-15:00 and 19:45-23:15, on Sunday 12:00-15:30, Monday- closed.

Telephone: 70009787
Address: Griva Digeni str., Agiou Andoniou Market, Nicosia
Facebook: Limoncello Delli-Bar

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