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Zephyros started as a typical Cypriot tavern, but now it serves a variety of meat and fish dishes.

It is one of the best taverns in Larnaca, situated opposite the city's fishing harbour.

Zephyros has become synonymous with high quality fish in Larnaca and has been the benchmark in the town for quite some time. Just around the corner, the Mackenzy Beach is littered with modern eateries serving up the modern trend in today’s cuisine, sushi, but when it comes to proper cooked fish, few on the island are on the same level as this place.

It is more than just a fish restaurant, however; there is a range of salads and appetizers including a rich shrimp cocktail, grilled mushrooms and small crabs as well a selection of soups.

As one of the best fish joints in Cyprus, it is likely that you will be going to try some of its fresh seafood but for those who are not keen or are vegetarians, there is a variety of alternatives such as pastas, omelette and more to choose from.

A good restaurant is only as good as its staff – you can always tell those who genuinely feel pride in what they serve and that was exactly the sense that the staff gave off. It is their restaurant as it has been for generations and quality is not compromised, the customer is their utmost priority which is excellent to experience.

Zephyros remains one of the most consistently brilliant restaurants in Larnaca, the fact that it is almost always full is a testament to that.

You can visit the tavern from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Telephone: 24657198
Address: 37 Piale Pasa str., Larnaca
Facebook: Zephyros Beach Tavern

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