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This traditional tavern dates back to 1903 when it used to be a coffee shop or as the Cypriots know it, Kafenion!

It was then owned by a man called Kiriakos, or Kettiros as known by the locals.

Voroklini Village Tavernio is set on the crossroads in the center of the Village and below the beautiful Oroklini Hills, surrounded by the nearby houses which demonstrate the history of the years gone by.

As you take a stroll around the beautiful village, you are sure to stumble across Oroklini Village Tavernio as it is now called, or as most local folk may know it as simple Miltos’s.

Miltos’s Tavernio has now been established for 13 years since 2003.

It is a family run business, by Miltos his father and his brother. It has old values and a very traditional mouth watering Menu.

It has been kept as authentic as possible, capturing the moments of the time gone by, when everybody knew everybody and you could feel the love of a good traditional village family life.

It is not a fancy restaurant, it is a simple very traditional taverna with the choice of seating inside or alfresco amongst the beauty of the village, with good quality traditional food, just like it used to be.

This Taverna has a special charm that takes you into a traditional journey through time.

Mr. Achileas (Miltos’s father) opens the tavern from the break of dawn 6:00 am, serving coffee for the early risers whilst the kitchen opens up at 12:00 midday till 22:00 pm.

Telephone: 99676940 
Address: 2 Anexartisias str., Oroklini Village, Larnaca
Faceboook: Voroklini Village Tavernio

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