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With wooden tables spread across the pavement and inside under the wood beamed ceiling, groups of friends come together to relax. Tsipouraki Mezedaki is certainly a popular place to enjoy an evening in good company and is the only authentic 'tsipouradiko' in Nicosia.

Situated in a quiet neighbourhood, on the corner of Othellou Str near the Famagusta Gate in the old part of Nicosia, Tsipouraki Mezedaki offers a warm welcome to everyone and with its charming and traditional ambience accentuated by the background music, it is truly authentic in character and there are regular evenings with live rembetika and other traditional music.

Within moments of sitting on one of the old style wooden chairs, your order for drinks is taken - a chilled beer, glass of wine or maybe an icy cold Ouzo served with plenty of ice? It is the perfect place to enjoy Tsipouro too - the drink that is linked with Greek hospitality and tradition. Tsipouro is the ideal choice with meat, seafood and cheese.

There are a whole array of homemade snacks to choose from including all the popular dips, different types of sausages - even ones cooked in ouzo, small tasty meatballs, mini kebabs, the 'must try' pumpkin meatballs and much more.

For visitors who enjoy something sweet there are dishes of chilled mahalepi - a delicious milky dessert flavoured with rosewater.

The great thing about Tsipouraki Mezedaki is that you can order as many or as few snacks as you wish and there is never a problem if you decide to order a few more - which is highly likely as they taste so good!

The tavern is open for you from Tuesday to Friday 19:30-01:00, Saturday 12:30-16:00 and 20:00-01:00, Sunday 13:00-18:00, on Mondays the tavern is closed.

Telephone: 99754417
Address: 1 Othellou str., Nicosia
Facebook: Τσιπουράκι Μεζεδάκι - Tsipouraki Mezedaki

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