Zanettos tavern, a traditional Cyprus taverna, is located at Trikoupi Street 65 in the old town centre of Nicosia. Since its early days back in 1938, with Savvas Zanettos, the founder and first owner of the tavern, the restaurant's dedication to prime quality and caring service has never changed.

The honour and cherish of the Cypriot culinary tradition is obvious in the menu and the way the restaurant is operating. At the tavern they follow health and safety standards in food preparation, using only the finest and most fresh ingredients mostly sourced from our local farmers' market and selected suppliers.

You will not find a fancy restaurant menu at Zanettos Cyprus Tavern!

Actually they don't even have a menu other than their wine and drinks list. But they have a delicious selection of traditional Cypriot meze. Here you will be served a variety of salads (village salad, green salad, garlic potato salad, beetroot salad) and cold appetizers (tahini, yogurt, green olives), hot entries like grilled to perfection Cyprus' famous halloumi cheese and served inside pita bread, smoked Cyprus sausage cured in wine, veal's liver, afelia - succulent boneless pieces of pork marinated in wine and coriander, mushrooms, pourgouri, snails, souvlaki (pork and chicken kebab), shieftalia and ravioli. Fresh fruits, desserts, coffee and tea complete the Zanettos Cyprus Tavern one-of-a-kind dine-in experience.

Zanettos is a very popular destination among many Greek and Cypriot artists who come to enjoy our special meze and relax in our friendly and homey environment. The restaurant's walls are decorated with photos of the brightest stars in the music and film industry and remind of unforgettable and special moments with them at the tavern.

The tavern works from Monday to Sunday from 18:00 to 00:00.
Telephone: 22765501
Address: 65 Trikoupi str., Old Nicosia, Nicosia
Facebook: Ζανέττος Κυπριακή Ταβέρνα (Zanettos Cyprus)

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