TRAVELING / Greece / Aigina

It is worth mention that the island of Aegina You may visit throughout the year. Always crowded, who in the fall and winter mainly confined to the city-port and always offers the visitor interesting routes either beach or in a limited but very nice hinterland.

Originally the island was known as wine or Oinopion. And the nymph Aegina was one of the fifty (!) Daughters of the river Asopos, which he loved Zeus. The king of the gods, to avoid Hera transformed into an eagle and carried the island of Aegina in uninhabited until then wine.

Asopos informed about the abduction of Aegina, the king of Corinth Sisyphus, who was punished for it hard from Jupiter to raise on the top of mountain a stone that constantly drops again at its foot. Fruit of love Aegina and Zeus was Aeacus, the first king of the island. Aeacus asked Zeus to give nationals and he turned for the sake of human ants - hence the name Myrmidones. According to another version, Zeus transformed Aegina island and himself a rock.
According to archaeological evidence, Aegina was inhabited as early as the 4th millennium BC residents who came from the Peloponnese they founded two settlements: a hill of Cologne and one in Mesagro. Since then passed several phases to get to the 10th century BC, when the island was colonized by Dorians, led by Diifonti.

Particular development has seen the island from 657 BC until 459 BC Aristotle mentions features that Aegina lived 30,000 free inhabitants and 470,000 slaves.

In Aegina that era was cut the first silver coin of Europe. It was the famous turtle, which got its name from the characteristic emblem of Neptune, which decorated the one look. The city was protected by strong walls and had commercial and military port, the Port of Krypton.When the Persian Wars started, the commercial interests led to their land originally alongside the Persians and later the Greeks, when he fought bravely in battles of Skiathos and Salaminas.Especially the second, which involved 30 triremes, their contribution was so important that awarded the bravery Medal.


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