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Anafi has only one village called Chora Anafi and is built on the ruins of a Venetian castle, with whitewashed arches and narrow streets made of stone, similar to those found in Anafiotika below the Acropolis of Athens. Anafi is 2 km. from the port of Agios Nikolaos and connects an excellent motorway island. Also, the island has two more settlements, that are inhabited only during summer months. The settlement called Bay St. Nicholas, where the port and the village Kleisidi.

Historical monument is the temple of Apollo at the foot mountain Kalamos, where the The Holy Monastery of the Life Giving Spring is built close to old church yard. The archaeological sites of Anafi is: a) the ancient town, built on the site Castelli, where walls are ancient relics, tombs and many headless statues and b) Katelimatsa which constituted the old port and there still remain many tombs that testify to the existence cemetery at other times.

The most remarkable location of the island is Kalamos. Mount Kalamos has height 460m. and is, in the opinion of the French traveler Tournefort, one of the fearful of the world. At the top lies the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa, who got this name because her picture was found tied up to a pole. Generally, the religious sentiment of the residents is developed, which is testified by the eighty temples on the island. In Anafi life flows calmly and a good opportunity for revelry are the festivals, such as the celebration of Our Lady (food, wine, fun, fun) on 8 September. On the island there are still many traditional taverns and nightlife. Make sure to try the delicious honey, the delicious goat cheese, petromparmpouna and unique lobster.

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