Are You Going to the Beach? 5+2 Must Things For Your Beach Bag!

BLOG / Are You Going to the Beach? 5+2 Must Things For Your Beach Bag!
The summer you have been waiting for is finally here, and you can't wait to visit the beach!

Put your swimming suit on, and we will help you organize you summer trip to the beach, by preparing your beach bag! This way you will not forget a thing!

Check out what you must take with you:

1. Find the proper and perfect bag for you:


Your bag should be the proper size for your needs in order to fit all of your necessary stuff.

We suggest you the straw bag because it fits perfectly with all your beach clothes and it is the perfect one for the beach.
2. Towel


It is good for your health to have two towels with you.

In case you can't find a free sun bed you will have to lay on the sand. And you can't use the same towel for two different purposes. Nowadays the round towels are very popular and we can perfectly understand why!

Plus, they are amazing for snaping the perfect pictures for your Instagram!

On the other hand, if you prefer something more classic, you can pick one single-coloured towel which will be perfect for you!

3. Sun protection


Your staying at the beach must be protected from the sun irradiation therefore please use the sunscreen for your body and face.

The sun harm is high during summer time threfore don't be lazy and use the sunscreen often, after every swimming! 
4. Sun glasses and a hat


Sun glasses and a straw hat not only make you look amazing but also protect you from the sun harm, during your tanning sessions.
5. Oil for you hair


Hair comb and oil are necessary for you hair refreshening because it should look nice and healthy all the time. 

Take with you the coconut oil and use it after you finish with your swimming. It will make your hair look amazing and healthy!!!!
6. Book


Take with you your favorite book and you won't regret it! Or you can bring any magazine you like, anything you want! 
The combination of your favorite book with the beach, equals full relaxation and everything you need to rest!
7. After bite or burn cream

It's a good idea and very useful to have with you the after bite or burn cream in case you are bitten in the sea or you get a sun burn.


Now you are ready for  your vacation! Enjoy your staying!!!

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