Are You Travelling by Plane? Here are 10 Tips a Stewardess Shared With Us

BLOG / Are You Travelling by Plane? Here are 10 Tips a Stewardess Shared With Us
There are two totally different views of a plane trip: The one a stewardess sees and the one a passenger sees.

We prepared for you the 10 best tips given by stewardesses about what you have to keep in mind so as to have the perfect flight!

1. Don’t be shy to ask for more food.


The food which is served at the airplanes has limited life time.
All food which is not being used during the flight will be thrown away just after the flight arrives at its destination. So, if you are hungry and you need more food, don’t be shy and just ask for more!

2. Check the availability of a life jacket before the plane takes off. 

As hard as it is to believe, some passengers steal life jackets as souvenirs
So, make sure that your life jacket is there for you!

3. If you can’t live without smoking at least use the ashtray.


Probably you have noticed that despite the fact of smoking ban there are some ashtrays in the toilets.

People still find ways to smoke despite the strictly forbidden signs and penalties.

Therefore, it is much better to lit your cigarette and despose it later on at the ashtrays than in some piece of paper.

4. Try not to be detester during the flight.


Most of the airlines have one “good” cleaning. Pillows and blankets are not washed before every flight. Usually they are just being doubled before the flight. Food disks are also never cleaned before the flight.
Disks in front of your seat are just wiped. Therefore, you can be a little more careful during your staying on a plane.

5. Keep in mind that the toilet door can be opened from the outside.


Staff has its own keys in case the passenger will get stack inside the toilet room. Many airplanes have the same door lock under the sign “Smoking Is Not Aloud”.

If you turn up the flap which has the sing of a cigarette on it and turn the bolt, the door will open.

6. Try to be the last passenger of your flight.


If you have done your check in online and your friend has not, just wait until everyone take their seats and after that take the free seats together with your travel partner. 

Once the plane’s door is closed you will have the opportunity to pick up the free seats and join the flight!

7. Don’t drink too much during the flight.


Stewardesses warn us that one drink at the airplane is equal to two drinks on the ground. This is because the altitude affects the blood pressure in a way so the alcohol affects you more while your flight than being at a bar. So if you are trying to relax because your are afraid of the flight you can get drunk very easily!

8. Try to avoid bulkheads.


Try to remember that because these seats are often taken by passengers with children. This can be explained because these seats offer the easiest way to place your babies’ necessary equipment. In case you don’t like babies crying during the flight, try to avoid these seats as much as possible.

9. Drink only the bottled water.


The Wall Steer Journal paid a lot of attention to dirty water on planes in 2002. The number of bacteria in the water of famous airlines was much higher than it is supposed to be in accordance to the regulations and standards!

Nowadays, this hasn’t changed so much. Therefore we suggest you take the bottled water. Also try to avoid tea, coffee and the sink water.

10. Try to avoid the applause at the end of the flight.


In few countries and especially in Greece and Cyprus it has become kind of a tradition to get an applause the moment the plane is landed on the ground. This could be translated as the gratitude for the provided safe flight to pilots and the cabin crew. But in some cases the crew can take this as an insult because the flight is not a joke for them, it is their job.

Once you've learned the most important tips that every passenger should be aware about, we wish you a good and pleasant flight!

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