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Owl and Byzantine Iconography Museum

Mousio Theasis, is a multi-cultural entertainment complex, accommodating a Cultural Centre by the name of ‘Cultural House of Wisdom & Art’ a two-storied historic mansion (archontiko) in the centre of Larnaca. The Cultural Center is built in a 2.500 square metres plot, surrounded by tropical gardens, lakes and waterfalls, with an outdoor and indoor Snack Bar and Café Lounge and an outdoor theatre stage. The Culture Centre itself accommodates two Museums, an Owl Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Iconography as well as an Art Gallery with works of Cypriot and Other Artists.

The Owl Museum houses one of the richest collections of owl effigies in the world.  The collection is a personal collection of the Bishop of Larnaca and consists of 5.704 effigies made from gold, silver, alabaster, glass, wood, precious stones, crafts etc.
The Museum of Byzantine Iconography has representations from the new and old scripts, from the day of the creation of the world to the day of Christ’s Resurrection.

Mousio Theasis is an ideal place to enlighten the spirit of well educated and artistic people, but also of those who would like to visit just for fun.

Theasis Art Gallery

Within the beautiful historic house you will also find an exclusive Art Gallery which spreads in two of the most beautiful and grand rooms of the upper floor. The Gallery invites famous and new artists to exhibit their work.

Tel.:  +357 24 658 752,  +357 96 400 752
Address: Louki Akrita 8, Larnaka
Operating Hours: Daily: 10:00 - 17:00
Entrance Fee: Adult: 3,00 Euro, People with Special Needs: Free

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