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The Museum is housed in the east wing of the medieval manor of Lusignan, which is located inside the archaeological site of Kouklia. The findings are exhibited in two rooms of the villa, and among them you can see objects found during the excavations of the Temple of Venus and surrounding area, as well as from cemeteries in the region.

Palaipafos, was one of the most famous pilgrimage centers of the ancient Greek world and one of the kingdoms of ancient Cyprus. Here are the ruins of the famous temple of Aphrodite. The oldest remains date back to 12 BC century. The sanctuary remained part of worship and pilgrimage until 04.03 AD century.

During the medieval period Palaipafos, which changed its name to Kouvouklia, regained its former glory and became the center of the regional administration and supervision of the production of sugar. The Museum is housed in a medieval mansion, a mansion Lusignan located near the sanctuary and contains impressive findings from the area .

In the first room, the floor of which is a Roman mosaic, you can see findings from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite. In this room, you will also find the conical stone, which was the aniconic presence of the honored goddess. Moreover, you can see other findings from the Temple, dating from the Late Bronze Age to the Roman period. The clay tub dating from the Late Bronze Age is also pretty remarkable.

The second room showcases findings from the necropolis rich region. These findings, which date from the 2nd millennium BC until Roman times, include stone tools, metal objects, pottery samples, jewellery, clay figurines, inscriptions and sculptures. Also, more architectural findings are featured, such as the Ionic and Corinthian capitals located in the center of the room.

The last section of the room is dedicated to the Byzantine and medieval findings from the area. Here you will see glazed vases of local production as well as imported, and utilitarian vessels used for sugar production from the adjacent position Crosses. In the background of the room are two Venetian cannons.

Address: Kouklia Village, 14 km east of Paphos
Telephone: 26432180

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