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The trail starts from the Troodos Square passes through dense pine forest and follow path along the Cold River one of the few rivers in Cyprus that have permanently running water. Passing by the beautiful waterfalls of Caledonia it ends at the tall tree in Pano Platres.
The waterfall of Caledonia is considered the most attractive and highest waterfall of Cyprus.
The name of the waterfall of Caledonia is considered to have originated from the English and even the Scots. When they visited the area, around 1878, the English and the Scots, about two kilometers north of Pano Platres saw the waterfall, which charmed them. They remembered their homeland and named waterfall Caledonia "Caledonia was called in Scotland." Antiquity Residents of Platres was called and still call him Waterfall of Caledonia "The Caledonia". The waterfall water falls vertically from a height of 13 meters.
As a guest you can go to the waterfall through the nature trails, from Troodos Square, the trail descends through dense forest vegetation, along the cold river, which is permanently running water. Passing over the picturesque waterfall Kalidonia, the trail ends at tall tree, above the village of Pano Platres.
The rocks in the area consist mainly of poikilitiko werlites and other rocks of the Troodos ophiolite complex. Taking a look at the vegetation around the waterfall will realize that consists mainly of pine, the pine and black pine with an understory of the endemic golden oak. The vegetation of the diversified forms and colors characterized by the tree, Oriental Alder and the ivy which likes to shady and damp places.
Starting point: (a) Point 350m from the main Troodos Square street - Platres, just 3 Km from the Square. Access to the starting point of this is also done through the part of the old Troodos - Platres after summer presidential residence. (B) Location High Dendro over Pano Platres.
Path Length: 3 km
Considerable time: 1.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: 3
Type: Linear
ADDRESS: Platres Area


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