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An easy and simple path ideal for walking. The path passes through pine forest and offers beautiful views over the valley of Solia. It is suitable for wheelchairs. The starting point of the trail is about 300m above the narrow paved road.
Speaking of the valley of Solea, and say a few words about the village Stone Solea:
The village of Petra is in principle the Solea region, built on the river valley Atsas and approximately 45 kilometers west of Nicosia. Adjacent to the Poplar villages, Kalo Chorio, Agios Georgios, Peristeronari, Agkolemi, Pentagia and Elia.
The people there are engaged in agriculture, livestock and many of them are workers.
Agriculture: Agriculture is highly developed because it is powered by two small dams built in the valley of the river Atsas. In the village you will meet a lot of citrus, fragrant fruits and vegetables.
Livestock: In the area residents breed mainly sheep and chickens.
Education: At the end of the Turkish occupation taught the" large print "Petra the Papa-Kyriakos Efthimiou. In 1875 he founded a primary school teacher Leonidas Machlouzaridi. They succeeded teachers from Kyriakides family, one of whom, the Clearchus, he was briefly director of Greek Practice School in Evrykhou later renamed Greek Solea Gymnasium. Big boost to the letters, and other charitable works of Stone, gave the great benefactor Anastasios Leventis, who came from this community. The primary school of the community had 1974 109 students.
Churches: One of the beautiful churches that you can visit in the area is that of the Transfiguration. Some old authors claim that six icons of this church from the church of Asinou. Petra was small mosque, formerly the church or Christ or the Holy Kingdom.

Starting point: On the main Troodos - Karvounas, 1,5 km before Troodos and 9 km from Karvounas picnic area Kampos Livadi
Length: 1,5 km
Considerable time: 0.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: 1
Form: Round
ADDRESS: Karvounas Region, Troodos


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