Machairas - Lazanias Natural Trail

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The route follows the Pedieos River, a natural environment rich in flora and fauna and is associated with the Path Lazanias - Fikardou.
The Pediaios (Pithkias or jumped in the Cypriot dialect) is the largest river - torrent of Cyprus, with a length of 98 mm. It has its source in the Troodos mountain range, near the monastery of Machairas. It flows northwest, crossing the plain of Mesaoria and the capital Nicosia. Despatched to the east, where results of Famagusta Bay, near the ancient city of Salamis.
Etymology and origin
The meaning of the name, in case you did not know, had intended to interpret the signs of the East and West. From the ancient Greek words idein and Acid (sunrise or dawn) "IdeiEos", it contends, sees the sunrise as the course of the river, coinciding with the path of Eos, goddess of the East. A conceptually acceptable name in antiquity. A useful landmark for positioning in antiquity.
The river water was used in ancient times to fortify the city of Nicosia, they channeled the specially constructed wells that surround the Venetian city walls, blocking enemy interference.
In 2002 the river was created in Linear Park plan area, a pedestrian length 14 km., Which extends mainly to municipalities and Lakatamia Strovolos.
It worths a visit, what do you think?
Start Point: 500 meters from the Monastery of Machairas
End: Lazanias
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty Rate: Category 3: High degree of difficulty trail Route with difficult terrain such as very steep gradient (uphill and / or downhill), course in particularly rough and / or slippery, and / or steep terrain. Not suitable for young children.
Trip Length: 2 km


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