Moutti tis Choras - Selladi tou Karamanli Nature Trail

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This old trail will offer you excellent views towards Morfou Bay. It is connected to the local network paths Doksa si o Theos - Moutti Country, Madari - Selladi Karamanlis and Selladi Karamanlis - Kannavia. The trail passes through rich forest vegetation known locally as Black Forest.
The gulf of Morphou
In case you do not know, the gulf of Morphou is the bay that extends from the Stone Limniti to the west of the village Kormakitis and washes parts of Nicosia and Kyrenia provinces. The bay, which is an extension of the Morphou plain, owes its name to the town of Morphou located in a distance of 7 kilometers from the coast.
The configuration of the Morphou bay, like that of Famagusta is an interesting geomorphological phenomenon. When E. De Vaumas these bays, like the entire central plain of Cyprus, is closely intertwined with the central syglino, stretching from the west of Morphou Bay through Mesaoria up east of the Bay of Famagusta. During the Pliocene period entire Mesaoria, from Morphou Bay to the Bay of Famagusta, was covered by sea. By the end of this period various geological orogenetikes movements lifted the plain, if both ends were still much more into the land than it is today. The final configuration of the sinuses caused by river silt rather than orogenetikes movements. The Morphou bay was blocked by a barrier of gravel that may be derived from the River coming from Tylliria that flowed from south to north along the coast. Residues barrier located between Kaziveron and Syrianochoriou. The lake was created between land and sea later covered by deposits of rivers originating from the Troodos Mountains or even by dunes carrying westerly winds.
It certainly worths a visit!
Start Point: Location Moutti of the country, 1km from the village to Spilia village Agia Irini and Kannavia.
End Point: Location Selladi Karamanlis (1.5 km from Saranti and Lagoudera villages towards Spilia village or 6 kilometers from Spilia on dirt road).
Estimated Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty Rate: Category 2: Average degree of difficulty, with a particular terrain, such as sudden changes in gradient (uphill and / or downhill), course along narrow and / or steep terrain.
Road Conditions: The final 800 meters are rugged and steep dirt road.
Trip Length: 3.8 km


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