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The trail leads you to the waterfall Myllomeris through dense vegetation. The first half of the route is parallel to the Cold River, while the last section leads to an opening with wonderful views to the south.
The name of the waterfall Millomeri probably derived from the words "Mill" which means wet in the Cypriot dialect and the word part (Mill + part = Millomeris). The water flow from the cold river made part moist and cool and so they named the waterfall Millomeri.
The waterfall is hidden inside the mountain and the whole area around it has moisture, the water of the waterfall is the river 'cold', is the tallest waterfall in Cyprus with its water falling from a height of 15 meters.
The Millomeris was not that known in the past due to the difficult access to the site is located. After the projects that have been done with the opening of the dirt road is becoming more widely known and began to slowly established as one more attraction in Platres.
Between Platres church and village center, it is the beginning of the path of nature that leads to the waterfall Millomeri. There is access to the end of the waterfall by car through a dirt road starting point of the main road Platres - Limassol about 1 km. after Tall Tree.
Of course to fully enjoy the nature and the path you have to start from the side of the village and walk the whole way. The path length is 1.2 kilometers and takes less than an hour to reach the waterfall.

It is a truly magnificent place to visit!
Start Point: Between Pano Platres church and village center, to the church. There is road access to the waterfall at the end of the route, via loose surface roads, starting from a point on the main road Platres - Limassol, about 1 kilometer from the location Tall Tree.
End: Waterfall Myllomeris
Estimated Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty Rate: Category 3: High degree of difficulty trail Route with difficult terrain such as very steep gradient (uphill and / or downhill), course in particularly rough and / or slippery, and / or steep terrain. Not suitable for young children.
Trip Length: 1.2 km


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