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Back in 2005, when Ammos opened its doors, the now famous “Makenzy Strip” was a neglected place with a short lifespan.

Nobody believed that Ammos would live through its first year. In fact, people criticized the location, the service and the food.

2008 finds Ammos very much alive and thriving, against all odds. The restaurant had made a relatively good name for itself and the demand for the bar/ lounge area began growing exponentially. The pure white minimal design of Ammos was slowly becoming the talk of the town.

By 2010, Ammos became much more music and event oriented venue for all the locals who were searching something different and unique. Competition was fierce and other venues started replicating the Ammos Formula. In addition, Ammos brought a huge influx of people to Makenzy, which seemed to make finding a sundeg and/ or a parking place ruing summer periods almost impossible.

Fast forward in 2015, the Ammos Beach Bar it is considered to be the undisputed champion of Cypriot nightlife and a winner of countless awards as well as the driving force behind the transformation of the “Makenzy Strip”.

The biggest secrets of Ammos cuisine is that they use the finest quality of locally sourced, ingredients whilst remaining faithful to our roots and supporting the local market.

Telephone: 24828844
Address: Makenzy Beach, Larnaca

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