The Steak House

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We have been all waiting for a restaurant to specialize in creating the perfect steak.

And, finally, The Steak House opened up specializing in the traditional way of steak cooking.

The delicious food will satisfy even the most demanding customer. But good food is not its only advantage, as it has many positive features that will make you want to come back.

With an incredible view of the Old Port and the sea, its beautiful and relaxed decor, it cannot leave anyone indifferent and will contribute to having a good time and enjoying your fantastic meal.

Excellent restaurant with even more excellent food, starting with delicious appetizers such as the Duck Foie Gras, which is a foie gras of duck with caramelized apples and a cream sauce of cinnamon and cream.

Afterwards, we move on to delicious salads, fresh seafood dishes, all kinds of mouth-watering culinary creations for all tastes, whims and peculiarities.

We suggest you taste a special addition of the menu, the delicious Wagyu Rib Eye Steak which is a Japanese beef, served with spinach cream and wonderful accompaniments of your choice.

The restaurant is open daily from 12:00 noon until 23:30 in the evening.

Telephone: 70000577
Address: Old Port, Building S, Limassol
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