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At the crowded Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, Frankie’s Social is a vibrant bar and dining room, ready to provide some unique taste delights and entertaining moments.

With an air of Hollywood vibes, it offers a special environment for drinks and food with friends. Its menu includes some extraordinary signature cocktails and classic cocktails with a twist, as well as a long wine list and dishes with meat or seafood.

There are those times when you want to “grab a bite” (without having a clear idea of what this bite may be), but you don’t want to end up with one of your usual snacks. There are those times, also, when you go out for drinks with friends, but you want something to accompany the drinks (beside the common trays with chips, nuts and / or crackers).

So, when you find an entire menu with “small plates” (which would be called a “meze” in a tavern or “tapas” in a Spanish joint, but they’re far and beyond from that since they are in a bar), you may feel like your prayers have been answered (or your cravings, at the least). This is what happened with this scandalous range of delicious dishes at Frankie’s Social, which can be even more enjoyable when shared with friends.

They are the perfect company for drinks (wine or cocktails), but they are also great for just a light lunch or dinner, with a variety of flavors. Crusted prawns, chicken wings with barbecue sauce, crusted tuna fillet with salad, a unique recipe for tacos, beef short ribs in wine, crispy pork belly, pulled pork sliders, soft shell crab sliders and more, make up for the dream team of “small plates” in Frankie’s Social menu, available all day, from noon until the evening.

And, since a narration can hardly be as tasty as the actual thing, a try is the only thing that can give justice to it.

Telephone: 25 354101
Address: 226 Arch. Makariou III Av., Limassol
Facebook: Frankie's Social

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