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Your visit at Oniro by the sea will be a really wonderful experience, situated in a spot of outstanding natural beauty with unobstructed sea views and wonderful sunsets over the spectacular sea caves which are beautifully lit up at night.

Recently upgraded with lovely decking, there are garden chairs and tables sprawled across the green grass, backed by a pretty wooden structure that houses the kitchen/bar, while the specials of the day creatively doodled across a blackboard. From sumptuous seafood dishes, to fresh salads and sandwiches with a real twist, you’ll be in seventh heaven with every bite.

They specialize in a wide range of fresh fruit mojitos, and also serve up great tropical Sangria. But if you really want something different, go for their Purple Lavender cocktail, made with their own homemade Lavender syrup.

You must go there for the sun set which is over the coastline and it’s very likely that you’ll never ever want to leave!

Telephone: 99372255
Address: Glykou Nerou, Pegeia, Paphos
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