"When life gives you lemons, squeeze them on your souvlaki" - Riganato Greek Grill.

At Riganato Greek Grill Restaurant, Takeaway and Food Delivery everyone works hard to provide to all customers the best Greek food delivery, takeaway and dining experience in Cyprus.

At Riganato Greek Grill you can enjoy souvlaki, shieftalies, gyro, kebab, donner, burgers, salads and a various other grilled food.

Their commitment at Riganato Greek Grill is to prepare food using locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients, which means food that is exceptional in taste and quality.

All ingredients are GMO FREE and DO NOT include soda or any tenderizing powder

The meat, vegetables and bread are all delivered daily fresh to the kitchen by their local suppliers. With the proper treatment from the staff the different ingredients are transformed into beautiful flavours and aromas for their valued customers to enjoy!

The restaurant is open from Monday to Thursday 12:00- 22:30, on Friday and Saturday 12:00- 23:00, Sunday- closed.

Contact information:
: 77777872
Address: Grigori Avxentiu, Business Center Athinodoru, Shon number 5, Paphos
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