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It all began in 1979 when Gregoris Papastylianou and his family re-patriated back to Cyprus from London. After many years overseas, working in and owning restaurants in Australia, the UK and America, Gregoris made the decision to return so that he could make his lifelong dream of starting his own restaurant in a post war Cyprus a reality.

His goal was simple, it was to create a restaurant where he not only served delicious food made from fresh local ingredients, but also create a place where guests of all ages could come together to experience the unique flavors of Cyprus, along with its art and culture and all in a casual, authentic setting.

The family home located behind the Theoskepasti church, where his father was the priest, was converted into a restaurant, keeping the main features and characteristics of that era intact.

Since then, the restaurant operated by Stelios his eldest son has become one of the most recognised brands in Pafos, serving guests from all over the world with consistently good food for over 3 decades.

The menu is designed to showcase the Cypriot cuisine and its influences. Different menus are available for lunch and dinner.

For lunch you can find beans, lentils, other legume dishes and stews and in the evenings, grilled meats and vegetables.

The tavern is open from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00. 

Telephone: 26934129 
Address: 4 Dionisou str., Pafos
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