Kourion Mosaics

Kourion is noted for the well - preserved mosaics that decorate the floors of its stately villas. One of these is the 3rd century A.D. House of Gladiators that takes its name from a series of mosaics near its main courtyard representing gladiatorial combats.

The central part of the house was an atrium. The entrance was through a stairway on the northeast corner. This opened onto another, smaller atrium joined to the central one by a corridor. The southern part of the building was destroyed, probably due to earthquakes in the 4th century A.D. To the east of the corridor is a typical bath complex.

Located east of the theater, the House of Eustolios probably dates to the early 5th century A.D. and takes its name from an inscription citing Eustolios as the builder.

A mosaic with a welcoming inscription graces the antechamber of the entrance. There are mosaic decorations in three of the porticoes and a bath complex to the north. The house is believed to have been originally built as a home and was probably opened to the public after the construction of the baths and the addition of the mosaic floors.

Consisting of an open courtyard with rooms on two sides and a portico, the 4th century A.D. House of Achilles takes its name from the mosaic of the legendary Greek hero. Probably used to receive official guests, the house has other mosaic floors.

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