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Offering you wonderful views over the plain of Mesaoria, Larnaca and Nicosia, the route is associated with Stavrovouni - Anglisides path.
Meet Anglisides
The beautiful village Anglisides is located 17 kilometers southwest of the city of Larnaca. Anglisides located on the west side of Larnaca, between the city of Larnaca and Kofinou, but also on the south side of Stavrovouni. It is a village where you will feel immediately the olive color dominating, which happens from many years ago. A special place among the beauties that the village offers generously, is owned by the old olive tree which for 700 years stands as a vigilant guard in the land of Anglisides.
The Anglisides is a village that is experiencing significant growth, both because of its location and the project made and programmed to do. In this village tradition and modernity coexist, since the Anglisides meet both neighborhoods with modern architecture homes and neighborhoods with the popular architecture houses.
Historical data / Name
By observing old maps, you will find the village marked by various names. From this Karouzis concludes that the village was definitely medieval. The Great Cyprus Encyclopedia adds that the village was marked on old maps as «Elisides».
For the name of the village you will hear different versions with most famous the following:
· The first version, which is derived from Simos Menardo and survived the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, connecting the village's name with the word "Engleistra ', the ascetic monk. This interpretation justifies why the village's name is written as follows: "Agkleisides".
· The second version, which is presented on the website of the Primary School Anglisides, says that the village owes its name to the existence of numerous underground churches. And this version as the previous one, changing the spelling of the village, turning the first "i" to "n".
· Another version relates that the above website link the name of the village with an English visitor while walking in the village mountains lost his wife. Then he started looking for her, asking the villagers' Anglis i (d) s "meaning" Did you see any Englishwoman? ". This story is spread by an itinerant merchant who went to a cafe in Larnaca and told this story. Those who heard the story said while searching the aforementioned itinerant "Where is he from" Anglis behold? ".
Anglisides is a community on an upward growth path, which is connected with a steadily increasing population trend. The Community Council works, the location of Anglisides namely short drive from Larnaca city as improved roads are some of the factors that contributed to the development of the region and therefore to the fight against rural depopulation. It is worth mentioning that one of the projects that have helped to contain the population and in particular young people is the separation of land into state land.
Services, shops and small industries operating in Anglisides and serve the residents of the area and visitors (like thy speech), while creating jobs for residents of the community. Therefore, some residents of Anglisides working in the village, while others in the nearby town of Larnaca.
The most significant increase in population occurred between the years 1982-2001, in particular, while in 1982 numbered 728 inhabitants in 2001, 997 inhabitants.
Nowadays, the villagers are more than 1400. It is worth to learn how Anglisides enjoying considerable growth and tend to become the main village of the region, and as a shopping time goes on multiplying.
Start Point: Church of St. Barbara, near the Monastery of Stavrovouni.
End: Egg
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty Rate: Category 2: Average degree of difficulty, with a particular terrain, such as sudden changes in gradient (uphill and / or downhill), course along narrow and / or steep terrain.
Trip Length: 3 km


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