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Impressive path at every turn there is a different point of interest. The trail passes through a forest of pine trees, the dam Arminou, from the picnic area of ​​the Pera Vasa where you can see and trunk really the dried huge pine Pera Vasa, continues through the farm of Kykkos Monastery "Saura ", from the Cave of Sauron, the mantra of Mita and passes near the observatory for the vulture. You can admire the medieval bridges of Elia, Tzielefos and Rouda. The view all along the way is panoramic. Keep your mind that the route length 17 km, but really worth it!
If you visit the beautiful bridge "Tzielefos" learn that:
The bridge of "Tzielefos", located in Paphos forest, near the Turkish Cypriot village of Agios Nikolaos. It was built during the Venetian rule in Cyprus (between 1489-1571), and owned together with two other bridges (that of Elia and that of Routhkia) in a Venetian bridges complex built to serve the access of the then local residents.
It is built over the river Diarizos and is the largest of the medieval bridges of the island. but given different interpretations about the origin of the name of the bridge without any have vested. Perhaps it comes from the ancient Greek word "Kelefas" means weak, sick and linked to an event or person in the course of its construction.
It is built of stone derived mainly from the river. Schematically, the bridge is arched in a cross south side faintly distinguished engraved on a stone.
The bridge is part of the so called "kamilostratas" along with the other two medieval bridges of the area. The "Kamilostrata" was for centuries the main commercial road transport copper from the mine Pera Pedi to Paphos Harbour and the City. The transfer was made on camels to Pera Vasa, where he was treated ore and from there with horses took the road to the port. The road used and the passers and the merchants of the time. At the edges of the river, there seems to be a flattened area that maybe used as a waiting area, since during the period of Venetian rule, the road showed strong activity. It is believed that it was and Paphos connection with the other provinces, while serving the needs of local residents linking the villages of the West Bank village of eastern
Further down the river Diarizos concludes Dam Arminou forming an unparalleled beauty. Well worth a walk along the banks of the river and comments the great biodiversity of the area. Just above there is the picnic area of ​​the Pera Vasa for excursions lovers after eating. The flow of the river during the winter period is increased so that it would be eisaiprosektikos during your stay in the area!
Starting points: (a) In Kaminaria community, (b) In the village Vretsia, Paphos
Path length: 17 km
Considerable time: 6 hours, intermediate distance / times: Kaminaria - Olive Bridge 3,2 Km - 1 hour, Olive Bridge - Bridge of Tzielefos 3,9 Km - 2 hours, Bridge of Tzielefos - Bridge Roudias 6.9 Km - 2 hours, Bridge of Rouda - Vretsia 3 Km - 1 hour
Degree of difficulty: 3
Format: Linear
ADDRESS: Paphos Forest


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