The Coffeehouse is an all day cafe with a relaxing interior design which make this place perfect for a cup of tasty coffee!

The café is specializing in coffee making with Greek origins. Today, there are three cafes in Athens, four in Nicosia and one in Pafos.

First of all, you have to try the delicious coffee. Further on, the menu also includes lots of teas, fresh juices, different drinks, sandwiches, some bakery products like croissants, fresh salads, yogurts and many more choices for every taste!

Moreover, here you can find everything you need to prepare your coffee at home or at work. High quality foods and drinks are the main values of Coffeehouse. All products are made of good quality ingredients prepares with the modern equipment.

The Coffeehouse supports the importance of employees training through their working process in order to provide the best quality service to its’ clients.

At 9 Pargas str.:
Monday- Thursday 07:00-00:00, Friday- 07:00-01:00, Saturday- 07:30-01:00 an Sunday- 07:30-00:00.

At 19 Louka Akrita str.:
Monday- Friday- 06:30-22:00, Saturday- 07:00-22:00 and Sunday- 08:00-22:00.

At 91B Kennedy Av.:
Monday- Friday- 07:00-22:00, Saturday and Sunday- 08:00-22:00. 

Telephone: 22767688, 22775800, 22100433
Address: 9 Pargas Av., 19 Louki Akrita Av., 91B Kennedy Av., Nicosia
Facebook: Coffeehouse TasteHabitat - Λευκωσία  Coffeehouse TasteHabitat - Άγιος Αντρέας   Coffeehouse TasteHabitat - Λεωφόρος Κέννεντυ

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