Lefkara Coffee Yard

The cafeteria in Lefkara with the colourful courtyard invites you for long walks in the beautiful village and serves you coffee from early in the morning, while at lunchtime and in the evenings it cooks for you dishes from the Cypriot and international cuisine.

The place is amazing, located in an old stone house completely in harmony with the architecture of the Lefkara community that resembles another era. It is ideal for food, coffee, drink and relaxation.

Also in the bar you can find alcoholic drinks, and even cocktails such as a refreshing Margarita.


On Sundays, however, the cafeteria has something you can’t resist and you must absolutely try. We are talking about the incredible tavas cooked in a traditional oven. Tavas is served upon request every Sunday and costs € 12 per person.

Telephone: 24105115
Address: Pano Lefkara
Facebook: Lefkara Coffee Yard Bar-Restaurant

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